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electronic medical records

At Bon Secours, you can become certified in all Epic applications.

Bon Secours ConnectCare is an advanced clinical information system linking caregivers, patients and clinicians to one electronic medical record (EMR). It also provides leading clinical practices with information to enhance the delivery of superior care and services, thus resulting in enhanced operating performance and outcomes. ConnectCare enables physicians to order procedures and prescriptions, have more efficient access to results, and make referrals to specialists - all through this protected network.

Epic Pharmacy Jobs

Inpatient Pharmacy Willow Inpatient Pharmacy System (formerly EpicRx) is a key component of Epic's "closed-loop" medication-ordering and administration process, linking pharmacists, ordering physicians and nurses to a single-order record. With Willow, pharmacists can monitor medication treatment and improve medical outcomes, thus improving patient safety, minimizing adverse effects, and helping control costs. Beacon Oncology Information System lets physicians create treatment plans based on standard protocols, make treatment decisions guided by comprehensive decision-support information, and personalize plans to include treatment-cycle and dosing schemes for both IV and oral medications.

Pharmacists make excellent candidates for electronic medical records/ConnectCare opportunities; consider this as a career option at Bon Secours.

EpicCare Ambulatory Jobs

EpicCare is a full-featured system that supports CPOE and orders management, e-prescribing, health maintenance, population management, research, visit documentation and follow-up workflows. It is an active assistant providing real-time decision support and promoting best practices.

Epic Revenue Cycle Jobs

Resolute Hospital Billing software helps coordinate inpatient and outpatient billing, streamlines billing and collection processes, reduces payor denials, and minimizes A/R days. Drawing information directly from the EpicCare clinical system, Resolute automatically completes appropriate fields and submits claims in HIPAA-compliant transaction formats. Extensive rules-based claim-scrubbing accelerates reimbursement and minimizes rejected claims, even with the most demanding payors.